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My Retarded New Baby


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Damn, this one took a while. It was definately worth it though. Take a look!

Heeryyy, brand new cartoon!

Perhaps the quickest animation ive made in a while. Ok, well a GOOD one that is.

This one sure took a hell of a lot less time than the first cartoon

Check it out

New cartoon

2008-10-14 01:24:21 by biocarrotproductions

After so looong, its finally done. Comments?

Not... Dead?

2008-06-18 21:15:59 by biocarrotproductions

Wow. I actually made a new cartoon. Well I'm WORKING on one, But i made a little Teaser for it...

Its been a while. Four Days went on a break in November. It was originally supposed to end on December 29th... Then i switched to January 28th... then February 25th.. THEN March 25th... and then finally "Sometime in the summer". But instead of drawing comics, ive been working on this little cartoon. Actually its not so little, its rather large. It WILL be rather large.

Comic Series:

Not... Dead?


2007-09-17 19:27:37 by biocarrotproductions

FUUUCK, I totally lost ALL the files for my new Cartoon. "Four Days: The Unfair Fair". God Damnit, The script, voices, and the 2 minutes of animation i had done. Oh Well.

You Can read the comic i based it off of here

Its a pretty sweet webcomic actually, updated 5 times a week too.

New cartoon MIGHT be coming later in October, but i cant say for certain. But the four days cartoon wont be out for a while if at all, you know?


Tell me what you think of the comic

Four Days

2007-07-18 01:39:58 by biocarrotproductions

The Comic is here:

And I'm working On...

Four Days- "The Unfair Fair" AKA "The Little Big Movie": Pre-Production
-MOST voices recorded
-Character Designs DONE
-Opening Scene is done
-Test Animations have been done

2007 is gonna be a real slow year for my cartoons. But I WILL finish this cartoon sometime in the Fall, and theres this other "REAL AWESOME" cartoon i'm writing, as well as a cartoon I MIGHT animate for a friend. Why no ARE YOU READY 4 THIS!?, well I WAS gonna animate episodes 4 and 5 this summer. (Episode 4 is the BEST EPISODE YET) but Clayton (voice of jew) is too busy to record voices so i'm in a bit of a jam, maybe i'll do it in the fall as well.. hm?