Entry #9

My Retarded New Baby

2009-10-04 20:58:32 by biocarrotproductions


Wow. Just Wow. Why?

My Retarded New Baby


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2009-10-04 22:39:44

it was fine until the horrid lipsync.


2009-10-05 00:46:36

I thought it was pretty funny.

I gave it a 5.


2009-10-05 00:46:48

Out of 5.


2009-10-05 09:29:15

Ok hi, I'm the guy who left a long review for your previous submission. I see you're still the humble servant of low quality voice acting.

I'll tell you a secret that will get my ass kicked by other voice actors- VA's work for animators, not the other way around. You need to be more aggressive with your demands. If they refuse to get decent microphones, then you can find tons of other VA's with good quality mic's and that are willing to do their freakin' job. I've ordered a condenser mic, it should arrive in 2 or so weeks, I'll be glad to do some voice acting for you, since, your animation deserves better sound quality and I can introduce you to a very talented voice actress to do the lines of Alice.

You need to get around and ditch your current VA's if they cannot provide quality sound, good voice acting can make even the most badly animated flash enjoyable, I guarantee it.


2009-10-05 13:31:23

Is hardyboyz1 hard for boys? Such a sad time. Oh well. Get the cops to trace his IP address and have him arrested.