Entry #1

Four Days

2007-07-18 01:39:58 by biocarrotproductions

The Comic is here: http://fourdays.comicgenesis.com

And I'm working On...

Four Days- "The Unfair Fair" AKA "The Little Big Movie": Pre-Production
-MOST voices recorded
-Character Designs DONE
-Opening Scene is done
-Test Animations have been done

2007 is gonna be a real slow year for my cartoons. But I WILL finish this cartoon sometime in the Fall, and theres this other "REAL AWESOME" cartoon i'm writing, as well as a cartoon I MIGHT animate for a friend. Why no ARE YOU READY 4 THIS!?, well I WAS gonna animate episodes 4 and 5 this summer. (Episode 4 is the BEST EPISODE YET) but Clayton (voice of jew) is too busy to record voices so i'm in a bit of a jam, maybe i'll do it in the fall as well.. hm?


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